Welcome to Amazol! You’ll find locally grown craft cannabis at great prices here.

Welcome to Amazol! You’ll find local craft cannabis at great prices here.


Cannnabis Oil (Triple Infused)

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R229.00 Each

Sold by: Malone Weed

Product Highlights

30ml of triple infused cannabis oil



Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil infused with cannabis. Slowly infused over low heat for at least 18 hours per infusion.
380mg of THC per 30ml serving.
Dosage: one teaspoon (5ml) will be a sufficient high.
ca. 60 mg of THC per teaspoon.
Use the oil just like normal cooking oil or in salads, for baking, or consume as is.
Studies have shown how oils can be infused multiple times which each infusion enhancing the THC content of the oil almost as sufficiently as the one resulting in a dangerously potent mixture.

Consume with caution.


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